About Us

Graphene Electronic & Technology, LLC, was originally founded in the United Kingdom in 2014 to export electronic components, electrical, industrial and MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) products with cost effective logistics solutions to Electronic Products Manufacturers and Resellers from different countries. In early 2015, our second location was established in Florida, USA, to offer revolutionary and strategic solutions tailored to each clients need.

With our expertise in the Electronic Products distribution market since 2006, our priority is to source and distribute genuine electronic components and products along with high quality services to our clients in the most cost-effective way, thus, maximizing their businesses. As we focus on the quality and reliability of our suppliers and products, we are proud of our zero RMA (Return Material Authorization) and 100% success rate since our establishment.

Furthermore, Graphene Electronic & Technology LLC is an advocate in promoting quality of life for people with disabilities such as hearing and visual impairment as well as other physical limitations. We believe that recent breakthroughs in technology provide opportunities to have a great impact in their everyday life. Our company is partnered with well-known disability/accessibility products manufacturers and we are dedicated to adding value and making a difference to the disabled community.

Our current client portfolio consists of different companies across many industries, such as: Aviation, Consumer Electronics, Telecommunication, Defense, Power Supplies and so on.

We are committed to always work closely with our clients to achieve their goals on a timely basis. We provide you the ability to place your order with us and be certain that we will handle everything for you with a seamless experience, from the sourcing of your items from multiple locations to the consolidation of those items in our warehouse in Florida or in the UK, whichever suits your needs, to the final and timely delivery of your order. We believe that every client is unique, and that is why we develop and implement a client-centered business model just for you.

Our highly-qualified, experienced, and dynamic team consistently provides high-quality service in the area of electronic products distribution.

With the advancement of technological development and its globalization, Graphene Electronic & Technology, LLC, will cater to your needs to be your first choice ”overseas solution partner” in America and Europe.

  Facts about Graphene

Atomic Structure of Graphene

Atomic Structure of Graphene

“Our company name is inspired by the discovery and development of Graphene, the thinnest material in the world. Graphene can be found in graphite which is very common substance used in a pencil. When you draw using a pencil, the tiny gray-colored particles you notice is made up of Graphene.

Every scientists is fascinated with the atomic structures of graphene: one atom thick, two-dimensional crystal. However, no one had ever extracted from graphite until in 2004, Russian-born researchers at The University of Manchester, Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov made it. The breakthrough of their discovery made them won the Noble Prize in Physics for the innovating work.”